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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Transnationalism and care of migrant families during pregnancy, postpartum and early-childhood: an integrative review

Inclusion Criteria

1. Peer reviewed publications and dissertations

2. Reported on a health or social program/intervention or service, or described the care-giving or care-receiving experiences during pregnancy, postpartum and/or early childhood

3. Examined or discussed migrant parents’ (mothers, fathers, and extended family) care experiences and/or implications for the care of migrant parents/child caregivers

4. The receiving country was Canada, United States, Australia or a European country

Exclusion Criteria

1. Literature reviews, study protocols, commentaries and books

2. Dissertations if published in articles (only the published articles were retained)

3. The care/service/program/intervention targeted only one aspect of health (e.g., specialized programs for breastfeeding, nutrition, or dental care) or was not aimed at promoting health and/or it focused on families with parents or children who were ill or who had disabilities

4. The child ages were not specified or results or discussion points on early childhood were not reported/discussed separately from those of other child age groups

5. The focus was second or other generation migrants or mixed families (family members with migrant and non-migrant statuses)

6. The focus was medical tourists (i.e., those who came to the receiving country only for care)

7. Migrant parents’ experiences/implications for care of migrant parents/child caregivers were not reported or discussed separately from non-migrants

8. Reported or described health or parenthood outcomes or experiences without any mention of health or social care experiences/interactions or implications for care of migrant parents