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Table 1 Web of Science database search strategy

From: Transnationalism and care of migrant families during pregnancy, postpartum and early-childhood: an integrative review

1 mother* OR father* OR parent* OR grandparent* OR grandmother* OR grandfather* OR famil* OR sibling* OR household* OR “in-law*” OR caregiver* OR (child NEAR/3 caregiver*) OR “child-caregiver” OR dad* OR mom* OR pregnan* OR childrearing OR “child rearing”
2 child* OR infant* OR newborn* OR baby OR babies OR “pre-schooler*” OR pregnan* OR offspring* OR toddler OR kid
3 Immigra* OR migra* OR emigra* OR refugee* OR asylum OR transient* OR undocumented OR resettl* OR settl* OR transmigration OR reestablish* OR relocate* OR exodus OR expatri* OR displac* OR exile OR deserter* OR deport* OR transnational
4 ((Social OR support) NEAR/4 service*) OR ((social OR emotional OR psycho*) NEAR/4 support) OR counsel$ing OR nurs* OR intervention* OR “wellness program” OR “support services” OR therap* OR emergenc* OR ((intensive OR critical OR primary OR mental) NEAR/4 care) OR preventi* OR health* OR clinic* OR psycho* OR “caregiver NEAR/3 support”
5 1 and 2 and 3 and 4
6 Limit 5 to January 2004-Current
7 Limit 6 to English or French