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Table 3 Dimensions and context factors significantly associated to success in the accreditation process. Single variable and multivariable logistic regression models

From: Contextual factors favouring success in the accreditation process in Colombian hospitals: a nationwide observational study

Single variable models Multivariable model
Dimension Context factor (independent variables) OR (95%CI) p value OR (95%CI) p value
Macrosystem Availability of resources for QI 28.9 (3.4–243.3) 0,0001 22.1 (2.5–194.9) 0.005
Information systems support for QI 7.8 (1.6–39.0) 0,006
Microsystem Skills for utilization of tools for QI 13.5 (1.6–112.7) 0,004
Involvement of doctors 7.4 (2.0–27.2) 0,003 4.9 (1.9–21.9) 0.04
QI team Stability of the QI team 7.8 (1.1–65.8) 0,043
  1. OR Odds Ratio, CI Confidence interval, QI Quality Improvement