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Table 2 Types of training in the USA received by members of the clinical trial team from four institutions in Nigeria

From: Implementing oncology clinical trials in Nigeria: a model for capacity building

Personnel Number trained Training Institution Duration (months) Training focus
Clinical investigators
Clinical Oncologist 2 (i) NIBR, (ii) U Chicago 3 each Protocol development, Clinical trial management
Medical Oncologist 1 University of Chicago 36
Pathologists 5 University of Chicago 3 Accurate and standard tissue diagnosis, reporting and associated laboratory procedures, GCP
Laboratory Scientists 4 2- University of Chicago
IHC techniques
SOP Development, GCP
Radiologists 2 University of Chicago 3 Breast imaging and USS guided biopsy, GCP
Study Coordinators 3 University of Chicago 3 GCP, Participants’ recruitment, Adverse events monitoring
Oncology Pharmacist 1 University of Chicago 3 Drug accountability, storage, preparation of chemotherapy agents, GCP
Genetic Counsellor 2 University of Chicago 6 Counselling techniques, GCP
Pharmaceutical chemists 2 University of Chicago 3 Pharmacokinetics/pharmacogenomics, GCP
  1. NIBR Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge Massachusetts, GCP good clinical practice, IHC immunohistochemistry, SOP standard operating procedure, USS ultrasound