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Table 2 A translated version of the topic list that was used to guide the interview with youth

From: Effectiveness and working mechanisms of the InConnection approach in multi-problem families: study protocol of a mixed-methods study

Section Topic Main question Prompt
Social network scheme Important adults To whom can you go for advice? Can you tell me something about him/her?
How important is he/she to you?
What kind of advice do you ask him/her?
Attitude Attitude towards YIM approach What was your first impression of the YIM approach? How do you feel about asking for help?
Have you asked someone for help before?
How do your parents feel about asking someone for help?
The YIM The YIM Can you tell me about your YIM? How did you get know him/her?
   Does he/she help you often? With what? Can you give an example?
YIM choice process YIM identification Who came to mind when you heard about the YIM approach? Can you tell me more about him/her?
   Can you tell me how you came to the idea to ask him/her to be your YIM? Who suggested him/her as a YIM?
Did everyone agree? Why (not)?
   Did other people come to mind? Who? Can you tell me more about him/her?
  YIM question Did you ask him/her to be your YIM? If yes, how and when did you ask him/her?
Were other people present?
   What was his/her response? How did you feel when he/she said that?
Why do you think he/she said yes/no?
  YIM choice Why did/didn’t you ask him/her to be your YIM? Why do you think this quality is important for a YIM to possess?
Did this quality play a role in the choice for a YIM?
   If not already mentioned by the participant, questions concerning these topics are raised: - Trust
- Non-judgmental
- Empathy
- Dedication
- Time and location
- Gender
- Ethnicity
Changes since having a YIM Changes in relationship quality Has your relationship with your YIM changed since he/she has been appointed as YIM? How?
  Changes in contact frequency Do you see each other more or less often? Does your YIM now come to places or meetings to which he/she did not used to go?