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Table 3 factor loadings of the modified 24-item RoCAES-D

From: German translation and validation of the Reporting of Clinical Adverse Events Scale (RoCAES-D)

Items RoCAES-D loading
Factor 1 Perceived Blame
1. Reporting adverse events helps identify staff who need additional training −0.332
5. Reporting adverse events lets others check up on me 0.433
7. The careers of staff who report adverse events suffer 0.724
12. Reporting adverse events creates problems for me 0.820
18. Reporting adverse events lets everyone know I have made a mistake 0.564
21. Reporting adverse events is a method through which to pinpoint blame 0.613
23. Reporting adverse events lets colleagues gossip about my involvement in the event 0.600
24. Reporting adverse events makes people accountable for their actions −0.478
Factor 2 Perceived criteria for identifying events that should be reported
2. Whether or not to report an adverse event depends on how many people are aware the error has taken place 0.421
3. It is not my responsibility to report adverse events involving colleagues 0.317
10. Minor adverse events should not be reported 0.484
14. Only uncommon adverse events should be reported 0.471
15. Writing in a patient’s notes that an adverse event has happened is just as good as filling in a separate reporting form 0.288
20. You should only report those adverse events where something can be learnt from them 0.583
Factor 3 Perceptions of colleague’s expectations
6. As long as those around me learn from adverse events there is no need to report them 0.512
11. My colleagues expect me to report adverse events 0.257
19. I am not permitted to report adverse events 0.378
22. Adverse events can’t be prevented so there is no point in reporting them 0.573
25. Colleagues seem unconcerned when adverse events occur 0.320
Factor 4 Perceived benefits of reporting  
4. Reporting adverse events protects patients 0.239
16. Receiving encouragement from senior clinical staff encourages me to report adverse events 0.755
17. Having an Adverse Event Monitoring Unit based in the Hospital encourages staff to report errors 0.604
Factor 5 Perceived clarity of reporting procedures
8.The procedures in this hospital are clear on how to report adverse events 0.804
13. The procedures in this hospital are clear on what sort of adverse events should be reported 0.652