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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Health professionals’ perceptions of colorectal cancer patients’ treatment burden and their supportive work to ameliorate the burden – a qualitative study

Theme Main question Additional question
Perceptions of CRC patients’ treatment burden in the treatment trajectory during hospitalisation From your point of view, what challenges do patients face? In what ways do you expect the patient to self-manage following surgery?
What factors come into play concerning the patient’s ability to self-manage?
What information needs do patients and their families usually have?
What are the biggest challenges?
Do you find that they follow your advice? Can you give any examples?
How do, e.g., age, gender, and family situation matter?
What are their information needs
-Pre-surgery-Post-surgery-At discharge?
Perceptions of provision of support How do you prepare the patient to cope with self-management following surgery?
What approaches are being taken to strengthen the patient’s self-management following discharge?
What is the greatest challenge in providing the patient with information?
What is your specific responsibility towards the patient’s recovery process?
What information routines are used at discharge? Who is responsible for informing the patient at discharge?
What specific information is important to give patients at discharge?
How do you involve the patient’s family?
How do patients and their family receive the information you give them?