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Table 5 Scores of patients on the evaluation of teaching skills and effectiveness (\( \overline{x}\pm s \))

From: Quality analysis of discharge instruction among 602 hospitalized patients in China: a multicenter, cross-sectional study

Item Average score of each item
Do you like the way nurses guide? 9.03 ± 1.38
Do you get the same information from nurses, doctors, and other health workers? 9.02 ± 1.38
Can you understand the way the nurse instructs you to take care of yourself? 9.02 ± 1.39
Is it the right time for the nurse to provide you with self-care information? 8.96 ± 1.41
Does the nurse respect your religious beliefs or values? 8.95 ± 1.67
Will the nurse choose the time when your family or other caregivers can be present to provide you with information? 8.95 ± 1.49
Can nurses help you improve your confidence in your ability to take care of yourself at home? 8.94 ± 1.55
Can nurses listen to your concerns? 8.93 ± 1.53
Will the nurse check to make sure you understand the information she provides or masters her demonstration? 8.86 ± 1.67
Can the self-care information provided by nurses reduce your anxiety about returning home? 8.79 ± 1.74
How confident are you that you know what to do in an emergency? 8.65 ± 1.65
Can the information provided by the nurse address your concerns and questions? 8.53 ± 1.78