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Table 1 Definition of network concepts and metrics

From: Identifying integration and differentiation in a Hospital’s logistical system: a social network analysis of a case study

Concept Definition
Node An agent
Tie A communication link between two agents via email, text message, telephone or face-to-face
Group A set of agents who are closely connected to one another
Clique A set of agents who are all connected to one another
Subsystem A set of agents who are highly connected and execute a part of the organization’s overall task
Broker An agent who connects (otherwise) disconnected groups
Density The number of ties a set of agents have in relation to the number of possible ties they can have
Clique overlap The percentage of agents who are members of more than one clique for a specific task
Degree The number of ties of one agent
Betweenness centrality The number of times a node (agent) lies on the shortest path between other nodes (agents)
Multiplexity The percentage of agents in a clique for a task who are also members of cliques for other tasks.
Centralization The extent to which a set of nodes (agents) are organized around a central node (agent)