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Table 3 Topics addressed and type of questions per round

From: Capturing the complexity of healthcare for people with Down syndrome in quality indicators - a Delphi study involving healthcare professionals and patient organisations

Topic addressed Topic addressed in:
Round 1
Introduction to themes, initial inventory of level of consensus
Round 2
Feedback on Round 1 and revisiting themes on which no consensus existed
Round 3
Exploration of consensus on sub-domains
Round 4
Final consensus building
Participant characteristics 6 open ended questions (such as age, gender, frequency of contact with people with DS). Idem: same questions were presented to participants who had not participated in round 1.   
Purpose of QI-set (e.g. transparency, quality improvement, auditing, insurance) 9 purposes, rate importance 12 propositionsa 9 propositionsa  
Quality domains to be included in QI-set (e.g. coordinated care, person-centeredness, clinical outcome) 10 itemsb and 1 proposition for children with DS; 10 itemsb and 1 proposition for adults with DS 7 itemsb for children and adults with DS 28 itemsb (sub-domains) 1 propositiona
Healthcare disciplines to be included in QI-set (e.g. Down team, psychological care, physiotherapy) 14 itemsb and 1 close-ended question for children with DS; 14 itemsb and 1 close-ended question for adults with DS 6 propositions;
30 itemsb for children;
30 itemsb for adults with DS
4 open-ended questions 1 propositiona
Number and type (structure / process / outcome) of QIs   2 close-ended questions 2 propositions;
1 close-ended question
2 propositions;
3 open-ended questions
Information sources and transparency of QIs and practical issues regarding development 1 close-ended question;
1 open-ended question
1 proposition;
1 close-ended question;
6 open-ended questions
6 propositions;
1 close-ended question;
2 open-ended question
17 propositions
Healthcare quality for people with DS and current use of QIs 3 close-ended questions;
3 open-ended questions
15 propositions   
Aim of the study 1 open-ended question    
  1. Abbreviations: DS Down syndrome, QI Quality indicator
  2. Empty fields indicate that the topic was not presented to the participants in the concerning round.
  3. a Participants indicated to what extent they agreed with propositions (1 ‘totally agree’, 2 ‘agree’, 3 ‘neutral’, 4 ‘disagree’, 5 ‘totally disagree’)
  4. b Participants rated items (i.e. healthcare disciplines/services or quality domains) indicating the relevance for the QI-set (1 ‘very important’, 2 ‘important’, 3 ‘neutral’, 4 ‘not that important’, 5 ‘not important at all’)