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Table 3 Estimated effect of vaccination on nosocomial influenza under variations of the analysis (sensitivity analyses)

From: The impact of healthcare worker influenza vaccination on nosocomial influenza in a tertiary hospital: an ecological study

Sensitivity Analyses Effect of Vaccination on Nosocomial Influenza Rate,
Adjusted IRRa
By different groups of healthcare workers (IRR per 10% increase in vaccine coverage)
 Overall 0.93 (0.73–1.18)
 Clinical Healthcare Workers 0.89 (0.69–1.15)
 Nursing 0.88 (0.67–1.16)
By categorization of vaccination rate
 Clinical Healthcare Workers (IRR per 10% increase in vaccine coverage) 0.89 (0.69–1.15)
 Clinical Healthcare Workers (IRR of coverage ≥70% vs <70%) 0.83 (0.50–1.40)
By time criteria of nosocomial influenza diagnosis (IRR per 10% increase in vaccine coverage)
 Cut-off of 7 days or more 0.89 (0.69–1.15)
 Cut-off of 4 days or more 0.94 (0.79–1.12)
 Cut-off of 3 days or more 0.96 (0.82–1.13)
By inclusion of national influenza sentinel surveillance informationb(IRR per 10% increase in vaccine coverage)
 Without national surveillance information 0.89 (0.69–1.15)
 With national surveillance information 0.89 (0.69–1.15)
  1. aAdjusted for number of admissions in which influenza testing was performed and non-nosocomial influenza incidence rate
  2. bProportion of sentinel surveillance samples testing positive for influenza