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Table 2 Illustration of thematic analysis

From: Female Pakistani carers’ views on future formal and informal care for their older relatives in Norway

Meaning units Condensed text/Codes Sub-themes Themes
[W]hen mother was in hospital, we used to go there every day to see her and bring her food, etc. So the white people who were staying there long-term started telling their own stories, saying nobody comes to see them—only at Christmas or on other [holidays].. .. Then we understood that they long for this. .. for someone close to them to come and meet with them. Even doctors say that ger-mulki [immigrants] are very good at such things; they care for their elderly a lot. Perception that Norwegian (white) children do not care as much for their parents as the Pakistani children do. Perception that Norwegians desire for such type of care and appreciate immigrant children for doing the same. Feeling appreciated as an immigrant for caring for their older parent by Norwegians Adhering to society’s expectations of a ‘good’ caregiver.