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Table 1 Interview guide for carers

From: Female Pakistani carers’ views on future formal and informal care for their older relatives in Norway

  Questions Themes
1. - Can you tell me about yourself? How do you feel about living here?
- How do you usually spend your day?
Warm up questions
2. - Could you tell me about your caring role? Who do you care for? What age is the person you care for?
- What are your day to day caregiving responsibilities? How do you feel about them?
- How are you involved in decision making regarding health of the older person- Types of decisions made for this older person in the past.
Caregiving responsibilities and experience
3. - How are other family members involved in Health care?
- Interpreting written materials
- Attend doctors/hospital
- Navigating health system
- Decision Making
Role of other members
4. - Process of deciding which health care service to use to best meet the needs of the older person and when? Does your relative ever delay help seeking? If so, why?
- Importance of GP/Nurse of Pakistani background
Use of health care
5. How have you found Norwegian healthcare services?
- Can you tell me about your experience with the GP when you visited with your relative last time?
- Any difference in experience with GP regarding your own health matters as compared to that of your relative’s?
- Do you also act as an interpreter for your relative? What are the challenges in this process?
- Last experience with the GP or/and Hospital? How would you describe the quality of care and treatment that they received?
- How has your experience been of accessing health care services in Pakistan for/with your relative?
Experience and Satisfaction from health care services in Norway and Pakistan
6. - How does your relative get healthcare information? (If caregiver facilitates access to health care information. Ask further)
- How do you feel about the accessibility of the Norwegian Health care services?
- Difficulties while seeking/accessing health care because of difficulty understanding written and/or spoken information?
Knowledge and Awareness
7. - Has your relative used professional care services such as nursing homes or home care? If not,: How would you and your relative feel about using it in future? Perception about professional/formal care
8. - What suggestions would you make to improve to health care experience of older Pakistani women? Suggestions for improvement of health care
9. - Is there anything else you want to add about health or health care that you’ve not had a chance to say yet? Closure