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Table 4 Comparison of identification of three delays to maternal deaths between obstetrician experts and MDSR system

From: Causes of maternal deaths and delays in care: comparison between routine maternal death surveillance and response system and an obstetrician expert panel in Tanzania

Phases of delays Obstetricians (N = 109) MDSR systems (N = 84)b Agreement (%) K statistic
Frequency (%) Frequency (%)   
Phase one delay 74(67.9) 42(50.0) 32(38.1) 0.2
Phase two delay 24(22.0) 10(11.9) 4(4.8) 0.2
Phase three delaya 101(100) 78(92.9) 73(86.9) Not calculated
  1. aObstetricians’ panel could not identify delays for 8 maternal deaths in health facilities because there were no medical files and VA was not informative about third delays. Also K statistic was not calculated due to presence of delays in all cases reviewed by MDSR
  2. bMissing information of delays identified in MDSR system for 25 maternal deaths