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Table 4 Summary of previous factor analysis results

From: The Greek versions of the TeamSTEPPS teamwork perceptions questionnaire and Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire “short form”

 OriginalMartins et al. 2012Current study
1. Being able to keep busy all the time.Intrinsicaa
2. You have the opportunity to work alone on work.IntrinsicSupervisor/ EmpowermentSupervisor/ Autonomy
3. You have the chance to make different things every day.IntrinsicTask enrichmentSupervisor/ Autonomy
4. You have the chance to become someone in the community.IntrinsicSupervisor/ EmpowermentSupervisor/ Autonomy
5. The way which my boss manages his staff.ExtrinsicSupervisor/
6. The ability of my boss to make decisions.ExtrinsicSupervisor/
7. You can do things that are not against your conscience.IntrinsicaSupervisor/ Autonomy
8. The way that my work offers stable employment.IntrinsicaSupervisor/ Autonomy
9. The opportunity to do things for other people.IntrinsicaSupervisor/ Autonomy
10. The chance to tell people what to do.IntrinsicTask enrichmentSupervisor/ Autonomy
11. The opportunity to do something that makes me use my capabilities.IntrinsicTask enrichmentSupervisor/ Autonomy
12. The department policy applied in practice.Extrinsicaa
13. My salary and quantity of work I do.ExtrinsicaTask enrichment
14. Chances of progress in this job.ExtrinsicaTask enrichment
15. The freedom to use your own judgment.IntrinsicTask enrichmentTask enrichment
16. The opportunity of anyone to try their own methods to work.IntrinsicTask enrichmentTask enrichment
17. Working conditions.GeneralaTask enrichment
18. The way where colleagues work together.Generalaa
19. The praise I get when i properly do my job.ExtrinsicTask enrichmentTask enrichment
20. The sense of accomplishment I get from work.IntrinsicaTask enrichment
  1. a Items were eliminated from the analysis due to low communalities or multiple factor loadings