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Table 3 Exploratory factor analysis of GrMSQ-short with an extraction of two factors. Rotated component matrix2

From: The Greek versions of the TeamSTEPPS teamwork perceptions questionnaire and Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire “short form”

ItemsSupervisor/ AutonomyTask Enrichment
2. The chance to work alone on the job0.73 
3. The chance to do different things from time to time0.743 
4. The chance to be “somebody” in the community0.709 
7. Being able to do things that don’t go against my conscience0.69 
8. The way my job provides for steady employment0.576 
9. The chance to do things for other people0.659 
10. The chance to tell people what to do0.577 
11. The chance to do something that makes use of my abilities0.722 
13. My pay and the amount of work I do 0.619
14. The chances for advancement of this job 0.799
15. The freedom to use my own judgment 0.83
16. The chance to try my own methods of doing my job 0.728
17. The working conditions 0.805
19. The praise I get for doing a good job 0.93
20. The feeling of accomplishment I get from the job 0.807
Full Scale Cronbach’s0.955
Composite Reliability0.8710.921
Cronbach’s alpha0.8730.888
Factors correlation
Supervisor/ Autonomy1 
Task Enrichment0.741
Chi-Square (df)237,743(81) 
p-value< 0,0001 
90% CI for RMSEA(0,068 - 0,091) 
  1. RMSEA root mean square error of approximation; GFI goodness-of-fit index; AGFI adjusted goodness-of-fit index; TLI Tucker Lewis Index;NFI normed fit index; CFI comparative fit index
  2. Levels for an acceptable model fit: RMSEA≤0.08,TLI ≥ 0.90;NFI ≥ 0.90,CFI ≥ 0.90