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Table 2 Rating the stakeholders according to position, power, interest, and influence

From: Financing of physical rehabilitation services in Iran: a stakeholder and social network analysis

Stakeholders Position Power Interest Influence
Users Low-medium Low Medium-high Low
Elites Low-medium Medium Medium-high Low-medium
EMRO Low-medium Medium Medium Medium
Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Medium Medium-high Medium-high Medium-high
Governmental insurers Medium-high Medium-high Low Medium-high
Juridical system Medium-high High Low-medium Medium-high
Mass media Medium-high Medium-high Low-medium Medium-high
Medical universities Medium Low-medium Medium Low-medium
Ministry of Health and Medical Education Medium-high High Low High
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Low-medium Low-medium Medium-high Low-medium
Parliament High High Low-medium High
Physicians Medium Medium-high Low-medium Medium
Planning and Budget Organization Medium Medium-high Low-medium Medium-high
Private insurers Medium Medium Low Medium
Providers Low-medium Medium Medium Medium
Public Low-medium Medium Medium Low-medium
Red Crescent Low-medium Medium Medium-high Medium
Research centers Low-medium Low-medium Medium-high Low-medium
Scientific associations Low-medium Low Medium-high Low
UN Medium-high Medium Medium Medium
Welfare Organization Medium-high Medium High Medium-high
WHO Medium-high Medium High Medium-high