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Table 1 Facility characteristics [source facility survey; HMIS]

From: Assessing the costs and efficiency of HIV testing and treatment services in rural Malawi: implications for future “test and start” strategies

Facility Size/typea Authority Number outpatient attendanceb Location
Clinic A Small clinic Faith-based 3437 Remote rural
Clinic B Large clinic Public 25,451 Rural
Clinic C Large clinic Public 17,778 Remote rural
Hospital D Small hospital Faith-based 5464 Rural
Hospital E Medium hospital Public 36,535 Rural
  1. aFacility type classified by facility in-charge. Size classified by authors and is based on number of outpatient visits i.e. small clinic & small hospital < 10,000 outpatient visits per annum
  2. bAnnual outpatient attendance from October 2016 to September 2017