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Table 2 Example of the analysis process

From: Elderly patients with complex health problems in the care trajectory: a qualitative case study

Example of codes Example from codes to sub-themes Identified themes
It’s better to re-housing than move to a nursing home To looking for alternatives and be flexible Continuous consideration of opportunities and alternatives
Consider to stay at home or move to relatives To have long and - short perspectives
To get in better shape and see what happens To use their strength appropriately
To sought for the most important health personnel Consideration for appropriate alliances
The importance of previous contact with and trust in health professionals To describe my social network
Despair by not knowing who to contact To use my long relation with the health personnel
What I can’t do anything about, is not worth the effort To deal with unresolved question and unclear responsibilities Circumvention of the health care initiation of planned steps
Looking for the best way to react To consider the access to health care
Many unresolved questions and considerations at the same time To choose another approach to handle the further direction of the care trajectory
Organizing and coordinating further treatment and follow-up
Searching for practical solutions that contribute to alternatives
Not well-facilitated in the environment for participating