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Table 2 Staffing and time to care as predictors of patient satisfaction (adjusted for ward type)

From: Older adult experience of care and staffing on hospital and community wards: a cross-sectional study

PredictorN wardsN patientsβa,b95% CIp
Number of patients per staff member1154044−1.07−2.36 to 0.170.10
Number of patients per registered nurse11540440.11−0.25 to 0.470.54
Number of patients per HCA1154044−0.32−0.55 to − 0.10< 0.01
Number of HCAs per registered nurse11540441.40−0.19 to 2.990.09
Interaction between number of patients per registered nurse and number of patients per HCA1154044−0.07−0.22 to 0.070.33
Mean staff perceived time to care11740514.232.09 to 6.37< 0.01
  1. a All analyses were multi-level with a random effect for Ward identity to account for clustering of patient satisfaction ratings within wards
  2. b All analyses were adjusted for ward type: acute vs. post-acute vs. community