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Table 1 Predictors of patient satisfaction (unadjusted)

From: Older adult experience of care and staffing on hospital and community wards: a cross-sectional study

PredictorN wardsN patientsβa95% CIp
Patient characteristics
 Patient sex
  Male (vs. female)12237350.26−0.49 to 1.010.50
  Patient age (years)1223933−0.17−0.62 to 0.270.45
 Patient ethnicity
  Black & ethnic minority (vs. white)1223879−0.41−1.88 to 1.070.59
Ward characteristics
 Ward age range
  Mixed-age (vs. older-adult)1224134−1.06−2.68 to 0.560.20
 Ward type
  Post-acute (vs. acute)12241341.37−1.37 to 4.120.33
  Community (vs. acute)4.841.42 to 8.25< 0.01
  Number of patients per staff member1154044−1.43−2.74 to −0.140.03
  Number of patients per registered nurse11540440.16−0.22 to 0.540.40
  Number of patients per HCA1154044−0.42−0.66 to − 0.17< 0.01
  Number of HCAs per registered nurse11540441.910.26 to 3.560.02
  Interaction between number of patients per registered nurse and number of patients per HCA1154044−0.09−0.24 to 0.070.26
  Interaction between patient sex and number of patients per staff member1153653−0.31−1.44 to 0.820.59
  Interaction between patient sex and number of patients per nurse11536530.05−0.26 to 0.370.75
  Interaction between patient sex and number of patients per HCA1153653−0.13−0.40 to 0.140.35
  Mean staff perceived time to care11740514.422.26 to 6.58< 0.01
  1. a All analyses were multi-level with a random effect for Ward identity to account for clustering of patient satisfaction ratings within wards