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Table 1 Groups, facilitation teams and characteristics of participants by health care center

From: Evaluating process fidelity during the implementation of Group Antenatal Care in Mexico

Implementation characteristicsCenter 1Center 2Center 3Center 4Global
No. of groups323210
No. of participating womena42273426129
No. of women who attended ≥5 of the 7 or 8 possible sessions (% of total women recruited)36 (85.7%)19 (70.4%)28 (82.3%)24 (92.3%)107 (82.9%)
No. of trained facilitation teams21227
Average age of expectant women23.8525.7621.2821.2723.03
Proportion of adolescent women (< 25 years)65.8536.0075.0076.9264.52
Mean of gestational age at the outset18.1917.6717.6615.317.34
Parity (proportion of nulliparous women)41.4632.0059.3750.0045.97
  1. aWomen who attended ≥1 session