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Table 3 Health facilities not fulfilling 90% of output service quality performance verification indicators in Mekelle zone, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia (n = 12)

From: Level of quality of option B+PMTCT service provision in public health facilities in Mekelle zone, northern Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

Output quality items No of facilities Percent
Client satisfaction per standard 7 58.3
Clients with good treatment adherence 8 66.7
Clients involved partner testing 5 41.7
Early infant diagnosis for virological test 6 50
Confirmatory antibody test 7 58.3
DBS result turnaround time per standard 4 33.3
Enrolling HIV positive pediatrics to HIV chronic care 8 66.7
Perform CD4 count as base line during their initial visit 7 58.3
Perform CD4 count at least one as follow up visit 6 50