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Table 4 Summary of extra costs per hospital acquired infection/per patienta for the hospital and insurer

From: Is it financially beneficial for hospitals to prevent nosocomial infections?

  1st hospitalization
Direct extra cost
Extra cost and opportunity cost due to extra hospital days (number of extra days) Extra cost due to Readmission Total extra cost per case
Hospital USD
 CLABSI − 2360a 24,585 (18.1)b 0 22,225
 CDI 62a 0 (7.8) 0 62
 SSI 900 2581 (2.8) 1469 c 4951
 CLABSI 14,608 (18.1) − 1201 13,408
 CDI 5430 (7.8) 5290 10,720
 SSI 0 (2.8) 2395c 2395
  1. a We present the average cost difference per day multiplied by the average extra in-hospital days. The difference was NOT statistically significant and we only present the crude results
  2. b Extra potential loss due to higher charge for the first 4 ICU days (extra 1360 USD per day)
  3. c Hospital cost due to readmission within 1 week of discharge; Insurer cost due to readmission after 1 week of discharge
  4. USD US Dollar, CLABSI central-line associated bloodstream infection, CDI clostridium difficile infection, SSI surgical site infection