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Table 1 Variables taken into account

From: Waiting times in emergency departments: a resource allocation or an efficiency issue?

Groups Variables
ED admissions ED admission rate per 1000 inhabitants
ED waiting times ED waiting times
Group 1: Continuity of care Number of GPs per 1000 inhabitants in the district
Group 2: Chronic care Percentage of inhabitants (≥ 16 years) enrolled in Tuscan chronic care programmes
Primary care effectiveness of chronic disease management (hospitalization rate for heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Group 3: ED personnel endowment Number of FTE ED physicians per 10,000 admissions
Group 4: Organizational factors % of non-urgent treated within four hours
% admissions to the observation unit
% of hospitalized patients from the observation unit
Observation unit length of stay < 6 h
Observation unit length of stay > 48 h
% admissions to the observation unit
% of hospitalized ED patients
% hospitalized ED patients within eight hours
Bed occupancy rate
% appropriateness of surgical setting
% of patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit within 24 h
% of repeat admissions to the ED within 72 h
% Patients left without being seen