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Table 4 Results of mixed effects logistic regression models predicting positive attitude toward ambulatory TB treatment, including interaction between level of TB knowledge and participant group (TB case, household control, community control)

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards ambulatory treatment of tuberculоsis in Kazakhstan

CharacteristicPositive attitude toward ambulatory TB treatment
betaOR95% CI for ORp-value
 Participant group
  Community controls0.001.00(ref)
  Household controls1.032.79(1.42–5.48)0.003
  New pulmonary TB cases1.092.96(1.44–6.08)0.003
 Tuberculosis knowledge
 Level of education
  Primary and secondary school−0.610.54(0.25–1.15)0.112
  High school−0.730.48(0.28–0.82)0.007
  Vocational education−0.020.98(0.59–1.62)0.926
  Higher education0.001.00(ref)
  Almaty city0.441.55(0.74–3.25)0.248
  Almaty oblast1.524.58(2.70–7.74)< 0.001
  Kostanay oblast0.001.00(ref)
 High level of family support
  Yes1.040.35(0.22–0.56)< 0.001
 Sufficient knowledge × household controls−0.630.53(0.21–1.34)0.180
 Sufficient knowledge × new pulmonary TB cases−0.700.49(0.20–1.23)0.130