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Table 3 Results of mixed effects logistic regression models predicting positive attitude toward ambulatory TB treatment

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards ambulatory treatment of tuberculоsis in Kazakhstan

 Positive attitude toward ambulatory TB treatment
CharacteristicbetaOR95% CI for ORp-value
Participant group
 Community controls0.001.00(ref)
 Household controls0.651.92(1.25–2.95)0.003
 New pulmonary TB cases0.732.07(1.35–3.17)0.001
Tuberculosis knowledge
Level of education
 Primary and secondary school−0.550.58(0.27–1.23)0.156
 High school−0.680.51(0.30–0.87)0.013
 Vocational education0.041.04(0.63–1.73)0.866
 Higher education0.001.00(ref)
 Almaty city0.371.45(0.69–3.05)0.328
 Almaty oblast1.514.55(2.68–7.72)< 0.001
 Kostanay oblast0.001.00(ref)
High level of family support
 Yes−1.050.35(0.22–0.55)< 0.001