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Table 1 Dissemination approaches for the educational messages

From: Strengths of community and health facilities based interventions in improving women and adolescents’ care seeking behaviors as approaches for reducing maternal mortality and improving birth outcome among low income communities of Egypt

Activities Responsibility Supervisors Target group Tools and materials used
Health facility based messages (weakly sessions) Physicians and nurses in the health facilities Professional trainers from National Research Centre Mothers in childbearing period with special focus on pregnant mothers in postpartum period. Face to face educational sessions with power point, game who will win with us and the three wall posters for the prenatal, natal and postnatal care.
At least eight outreach home visits for each mother; 4 during pregnancy; 4 during postnatal period Nurses and Raedat [community health workers (CHWs)] Educational calendars with the key messages as a give away
Mass media in the waiting halls within the health facilities Nurses Film Salamtek