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Table 2 Results of basic analysis vs RCP. Costs in PLN. ICUR in PLN/QALY – static and dynamic model

From: The cost-effectiveness of food consistency modification with xanthan gum-based Nutilis Clear® in patients with post-stroke dysphagia in Poland

CategoryNutilis Clear®RCPNutilis Clear® vs RCP
Static model
 Effects (QALY)0.0570.0220.035
 Total costs [PLN], incl970235735
  dysphagia treatment9360936
  aspiration pneumonia treatment34235− 201
 ICUR [PLN]21,387
Dynamic model
 Effects (QALY)0.3510.3310.020
 Total costs [PLN], incl994570424
  dysphagia treatment5830583
  aspiration pneumonia treatment83243− 160
 ICUR [PLN]20,977
  1. Abbreviations: ICUR incremental cost-utility ratio, QALY quality-adjusted life-year, PLN Polish Zloty, RCP routine clinical practice