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Table 6 Correlates of tertiary-level healthcare facility among respondents attending diabetes clinic care visit

From: Clinical characteristics and health care received among patients with type 2 diabetes attending secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities in Mwanza Region, Tanzania: a cross-sectional study

Respondents’ characteristicsAOR95% C. I for AORP-value
Age (years)
  ≤ 306.672.8717.39.000
  ≥ 411   
Type of residence
Marital status
 Not Married1   
Education level
 Informal and Primary1   
Duration of diabetes (years)
  ≤ 511.114.7725.37.000
6  –
  ≥ 111   
Suffering from diabetes related complications
Received health care from Nutritionist/dietitian
Received health care from a Clinician