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Table 1 Timeline of IRIS data collection and mean referral rate across boroughs B and C over different time periods. We highlight the times of the data collection start and end, as well as the start and end of the service disruption in each borough. These times are labelled in Fig. 1(a)-(b)

From: Disruption of a primary health care domestic violence and abuse service in two London boroughs: interrupted time series evaluation

BoroughStart date for data collection (T0)Start date of IRIS implementation (T1)Start date of IRIS service of disruption (T2)End date of IRIS service disruption (T3)End of IRIS data (T4)Referral rate: mean [bias-corrected bootstrapped CI]
Over IRIS implementation period for which we have data (T4 − T1)During period of IRIS implementation before disruption (T2 − T1)During period of IRIS service disruption (T3 − T2)Over period post IRIS service disruption (T4 − T3)
B14.03.13 (t = 0)14.03.14 (t = 365)29.07.16 (t = 1234)08.02.17 (t = 1428)31.03.17 (t = 1479)0.0344 [0.01965,0.0492]0.04336 [0.0278,0.0589]0.0023 [0.000551,0.00405]0.005 [0.00032,0.0097]
C02.10.13 (t = 0)02.10.14 (t = 365)05.08.16 (t = 1039)31.10.16 (t = 1125)25.03.17 (t = 1271)0.0307 [0.0271,0.034]0.0335 [0.0290,0.0379]0.0156 [0.0073,0.0239]0.0265 [0.0171,0.0362]