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Table 4 Participant job role and practice characteristics

From: Development of the prototype concise safe systems checklist tool for general practice

Practice number Job role Patient list size Index of Multiple Deprivation (quintile)a
P01 Practice Manager 9887 6.14 (1st)
P02 Health Care Assistant 6841 46.02 (5th)
P03 Practice Manager 12,491 27.53 (4th)
P04 General Practitioner 7851 21.29 (3rd)
P05 Practice Nurse (manager) 6930 7.25 (1st)
P06 General Practitioner 8299 33.06 (4th)
P07 General Practitioner 5167 23.22 (4th)
P08 Practice Manager 8972 12.15 (2nd)
  1. aWhere 1 is the least deprived and 5 is the most deprived