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Table 2 Bwalo structure and composition

From: A strategic approach to social accountability: Bwalo forums within the reproductive maternal and child health accountability ecosystem in Malawi

2–3 youth representatives (e.g. peer educators)2–3 youth representatives (e.g. youth office)
2 persons of influence2 persons of influence
2 community activists2 community activists
2 religious leaders2 religious leaders
1 faith-based organisation representative1 faith-based organisation representative
1 CSO executive representative5 CSO executive representatives
1 VDC representative
1 ADC representative1 ADC representative
1 health advisory committee representative5 health advisory committee representatives (BEmONC facilities)
CouncillorsCouncillors (Health and Environment Committee)
Traditional authoritiesTraditional authorities
1 community development assistant1 community development officer
1 school teacher1 district education manager
1 health centre representativeDistrict health officers
 1 social welfare representative
 1 director of planning and development
 1 member of parliament
  1. Abbreviations: ADC Area Development Committee, BEmONC Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care, CSO Civil Society Organisation, VDC Village Development Committee