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Table 2 Variables and survey tools

From: A national survey of private-sector outpatient care of sick infants and young children in Nepal

Main variables includedSurvey tools
Provider profile: registration status, health worker credentials, sex, age, years of experience treating sick infants and children, also engaged as a health worker in the public sector, number of days/ week and hours/ day services are offered.
Services offered for sick infants and children: assess and treat sick young infants, older infants and children (vs. only dispense); treat sick young infants using oral antibiotics, or using injectable antibiotics (and reported case volume);
Readiness with regard to sick-child services: availability of relevant diagnostic equipment, drugs, treatment guidelines.
Quality/ appropriateness of care provided: what specific signs and symptoms the provider normally checks for, criteria for classifying as “potentially severe”, appropriateness of drugs used, dosing criteria and procedures, follow-up and referral provisions.
1. Screening/ eligibility module for medicine shops (included questions on services provided related to diarrhea/ acute respiratory tract infection, among older infants and children).
2. Medicine shop Tool 1, full instrument, administered to those reporting they had examined and treated or referred sick young infants < 2 months of age over the past 6 months
3. Medicine shop Tool 2, shorter instrument, administered to those reporting their role with regard to sick infants < 2 months is limited to dispensing
4. Screening/ eligibility module for clinics
5. Clinic tool