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Table 3 Pre and post intervention and overall means of maternal and child health outcome variables

From: The impacts of quality improvement on maternal and newborn health: preliminary findings from a health system integrated intervention in four Ethiopian regions

OutcomesPre-interventionPost-intervention Overall
 Facility monthsMeanSDFacility monthsMeanSDt-testFacility monthsMeanSD
ANC Processes
 Four ANC visits37164.136.150775.325.7< 0.00187870.631.1
 Syphilis Testing during ANC37154.764.850668.551.8< 0.00187762.758.0
Delivery Care
 Skilled deliverya37164.035.950757.535.90.0187860.236.9
Birth Bundles
  On Admission19745.940.050381.030.1< 0.00170071.136.7
  Before Pushing19743.739.250376.832.7< 0.00170167.537.8
  Soon After Birth19745.642.950359.543.4< 0.00170155.643.7
 PNC visit within 48 h37149.437.950758.237.4< 0.00187852.037.9
Management of Complicationsb/Underweight Infants
 Neonatal Resuscitation6593.524.312493.023.40.55418993.223.6
 Neonatal Sepsis1687.534.284999.10.00410097.216.2
 KMC (hospitals only)1980.134.04796.019.00.0096691.525.1
 Underweight infants36716.636.150415.333.80.70387115.834.8
Mortality Outcomes Mean (raw count)        
Neonatal mortalities on the first day of life3671.0 (19)5.45041.6 (27)9.50.1278711.4 (46)8.0
Neonatal mortalities (within 7 days)3671.5 (28)7.25041.9 (42)9.90.2178711.8 (70)8.9
Fresh Stillbirths36812.0 (143)55.850410.0 (220)22.60.76787210.9 (363)40.1
Perinatal Mortalitiesc36812.1 (171)55.850410.1 (262)22.60.76287210.9 (433)40.1
Maternal mortalities3671.2 (11)12.85041.8 (21)18.10.3098711.5 (32)16.2
  1. a Skilled deliveries / expected pregnancies
  2. b The denominator for neonatal resuscitation and KMC (Kangaroo mother care) is the number of cases detected and the mean is the proportion of cases in which standard of care treatment was provided following asphyxia or low birth weight detection. Underweight infants were any infant weighing below 2500 g at birth
  3. c Perinatal mortality calculated as (Neonatal deaths within 7 days + still births)/ (still births + live births)