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Table 2 Change categories, an example of an idea tested within one category, and the number of PHCUs testing each change

From: The impacts of quality improvement on maternal and newborn health: preliminary findings from a health system integrated intervention in four Ethiopian regions

Change CategoryExamples of change ideasExpected outcomes impactedQITs implementing change (n = 30)Mean changes tested (range)a
ANCHost a community pregnant women’s forum for experience sharing, help with health care navigation, and educationSyphilis testing; ANC coverage; skilled delivery; PNC; care of low birth weight newborns292.7 (1–5)
SyphilisTask shifting of syphilis testing from lab technicians to midwives, nurses and health officers, when technicians not availableSyphilis testing162.4 (1–4)
Skilled deliveryOffer visits and tours of delivery rooms to pregnant mothers to develop relationships and engage them in care earlySkilled delivery; PNC; low birth weight232.3 (1–4)
PNCText/call community health workers to remind them to visit mother at her home within 48 h of birthPNC283.0 (1–6)
Total Changes  3013.8 (6–21)
  1. aDoes not include facilities that did not test a change within the respective category