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Table 3 Summary cost profile for DramAidE

From: Understanding the costs and the cost structure of a community-based HIV and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention program: the Woza Asibonisane Community Responses Program in South Africa

HeadquartersRand 2017Rand 2017Share of total participant hours
Salary (Management)3,621,9443,621,944 
Salary (Service delivery)1779,8401779,840 
Office (M&E licenses)2508  
Equipment (AEC)38,078  
Vehicle (AEC)57,414  
Prior Equipment (AEC)27,467  
Prior Vehicle (AEC)114,827  
Cell phone top up for staffb50,400  
 Community Dialogues43,00043,0000.023
 ISY Dialogues12,00012,0000.011
 ISY Gender Norms102,000102,0000.048
 ISY PP Prev18,71218,7120.036
 OSY Dialogues21,50021,5000.011
 OSY Gender Norms160,000160,0000.171
 OSY PP Prev39,66039,6600.038
 Adults Dialogues21,50021,5000.011
 Adults Gender Norms448,000448,0000.478
 Adults PP Prev109,831109,8310.104
 Adults Parent Workshops36,00036,0000.017
 GBV Dialogues42,20042,2000.023
 GBV Workshops60,00060,0000.028
  1. aDirect costs were refreshments for participants and minor venue costs for some non-school locations
  2. bCell phone top up time for staff to link PP Prev participants to HIV testing locations
  3. cAll office, headquarters costs combined into one aggregate ‘office’ category