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Table 1 Adapted timeline of national PMTCT guidelines, South Africa [30]

From: Integrating the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV into primary healthcare services after AIDS denialism in South Africa: perspectives of experts and health care workers - a qualitative study

PMTCT GuidelinesYear
National PMTCT programme begins after Constitutional Court judgement against the Government:
•Single dose nevirapine to the mother in labour, and to the infant within 72 h of birth.
AZT to mother from 28 weeks gestation; single dose nevirapine to mother in labour and to infant within 72 h of birth and HAART for pregnant women.2004
•AZT from 14 weeks gestation: single dose nevirapine plus tenofovir/3TC in labour; infant prophylaxis with nevirapine for 6 weeks if mother on HAART or formula feeding, or until the end of all breastfeeding if mother not eligible for HAART.2010
•All pregnant women eligible for HAART, irrespective of CD4 count. Infant prophylaxis with nevirapine for 6 weeks. Women initiating HAART with CD4 < 350 and no other indication for HAART, to stop treatment after all breastfeeding has ceased.2013
•All pregnant and breastfeeding women eligible for lifelong HAART.2015
  1. AZT zidovudine, HAART highly active antiretroviral therapy