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Table 6 An example of parameters, methods of behaviour change, and practical applications for a patient determinant

From: Using intervention mapping to develop an occupational advice intervention to aid return to work following hip and knee replacement in the United Kingdom

Determinant: Knowledge and awareness
Change objectiveMethods of behaviour changeDefinitionParametersApplication
Patient identifies and prioritises potential barriers and solutions to a safe and appropriate RTWModelling (Social Cognitive Theory)Providing an appropriate modelIdentification with the model - receives positive reinforcement, coping vs. mastery modelExamples of other patients’ barriers and solutions and RTW plans included in workbook/on website and at preoperative presentations given by staff
Variety of media/Elaboration (Theory of Information Processing)Stimulating the learner to add meaning to the information that is processedMessages that are personally relevantDiscussions with RTWC and preoperative education and assessment team