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Table 4 Example of a patient change objective

From: Using intervention mapping to develop an occupational advice intervention to aid return to work following hip and knee replacement in the United Kingdom

Preliminary Performance ObjectiveDeterminants
Knowledge & awarenessSkills & self-efficacyAttitudes, beliefs, emotionsOutcome expectationsPerceived norms
Patient makes informed decision about surgery with respect to their workAppraises the general risks/benefits of surgery and RTW rates.
Appraises the likely impact of surgery on their ability to do their job.
States that they have received sufficient information about surgery.
Expresses confidence in ability to make informed decision about surgery.
Demonstrates ability to process information about surgical procedure and make informed choice.
Expresses willingness to take responsibility for surgical decision.
Demonstrates appropriate response with regard to their decision.
Describes a realistic expectation of RTW outcome following surgery.Perceives it is usual for patients to make an informed decision about surgery with respect to work.
Recognises that nowadays patients are encouraged to take an active part in their care.
Recognises that RTW is now considered a health outcome.