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Table 1 Examples of information developed from Step 1

From: Using intervention mapping to develop an occupational advice intervention to aid return to work following hip and knee replacement in the United Kingdom

Population: Patients in work (to include full-time, part-time, self-employed, carers and volunteers) prior to hip or knee replacement surgery that intend to return to work after surgeryA substantial proportion (up to 25% of patients) are in work prior to surgery including some past state pension ageCohort study
Intervention: an occupational advice interventionEmployers are reliant on employee feedback and not necessarily aware of the information patients receiveInterview study
Comparator: advice currently provided to RTW patientsThe delivery of occupational advice is not generally seen as the role of, or a priority for, the orthopaedic teamInterviews and survey
Outcome: measurement of RTWThere is no standardised method of measuring RTWRapid evidence review