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Table 5 Outcomes of pharmaceutical care

From: The current status of pharmaceutical care provision in tertiary hospitals: results of a cross-sectional survey in China

(Physician) Do you think clinical pharmacists are helpful to your work?
 Very helpful63949.2%
 Quite helpful61947.7%
 Not sure302.3%
 Not helpful60.5%
 Be more of a hindrance than a help40.3%
(Physician) What is your attitude towards clinical pharmacists’ medication suggestions?
 Totally adopt48137.1%
 Partially adopt78560.5%
 Rarely adopt90.7%
 Absolutely do not adopt00%
(Patients) Pharmaceutical care received
 Disease history and medication history233075.3%
 Drug guidance241678%
 Medication consultation236076.2%
(Patients) Satisfaction toward pharmaceutical care
 Disease history and medication history examination181377.8%
 Drug guidance196581.3%
 Medical consultation186879.2%
(Patients) Dissatisfaction with pharmaceutical care
 Disease history and medication history441.9%
 Drug guidance562.3%
 Medical consultation913.9%