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Table 4 Working arrangement of clinical pharmacists

From: The current status of pharmaceutical care provision in tertiary hospitals: results of a cross-sectional survey in China

The time clinical pharmacist spent in ward
 More than 6 h/day12516.9%
 4–6 h/day26535.8%
 2–4 h/day24332.8%
 Less than 2 h/day10714.5%
The proportion of the time clinical pharmacy-related work occupied to all the working hours
 Less than 20%557.4%
 More than 80%29139.3%
Focus of clinical work
 Drug supply425.7%
 Pharmacy management81.1%
 Pharmaceutical research162.2%
 Training and teaching283.8%
 Checking prescriptions19225.9%
 Drug monitoring628.4%
 Making treatment plans12817.3%
 Pharmacy consultation162.2%
 Joining clinical rounds11615.7%
 Medical consultation283.8%
 Medication guidance466.2%
 Pharmaceutical monitoring608.1%