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Table 6 PACT-M 2: Cronbach’s alpha, communalities and factor loadings

From: Validation of the Partners at Care Transitions Measure (PACT-M): assessing the quality and safety of care transitions for older people in the UK

  Cronbach’s Alpha Eigen Value Variance % Communalities Factor Loadings
  0.92 5.1 64   
1. I know who to contact if I have any questions around my health and healthcare.     0.6 0.7
2. I know how to manage my medicines.     0.4 0.6
3. I have the necessary support to manage everyday activities (e.g. cooking, cleaning, buying food, showering, walking, dressing).     0.7 0.9
4. I feel I have the support I need from community health services, (e.g. doctors, nurses, home care staff).     0.7 0.9
5. I feel confident about managing my health at home.     0.7 0.9
6. I feel that there is someone I can talk to about my worries (for example, health care staff or my family).     0.6 0.8
7. I know what to do and who to contact if my health gets worse.     0.6 0.8
8. I feel I can now manage my care safely at home     0.8 0.9
  1. Extraction method: principal components analysis