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Table 5 PACT-M 1: Cronbach’s alpha, communalities and factor loadings

From: Validation of the Partners at Care Transitions Measure (PACT-M): assessing the quality and safety of care transitions for older people in the UK

  Cronbach’s Alpha Eigen Value Variance % Communalities Factor Loadings
  0.84 4.1 45   
1. I felt I could ask staff questions about what will happen after going home.     0.6 0.8
2. Before leaving the hospital, I was confident I understood how to manage my medication.     0.2 0.5
3. While I was in hospital, staff helped me to prepare for things that I might find difficult when I go back home (such as walking, cooking, showering, grocery shopping or being in pain).     0.4 0.7
4. Before leaving the hospital, I understood how to get help (or support) from my community services (e.g. doctors, nurses, home care staff).     0.5 0.7
5. Before leaving the hospital, I knew what arrangements had been made to support me at home (for example home care, community care visits).     0.5 0.7
6. While I was in hospital, there was someone who I could talk to if I was worried.     0.5 0.7
7. Before leaving the hospital, I felt confident about what to do if my health became worse at home.     0.4 0.7
8. I feel that my concerns around my health had been addressed before I went home.     0.5 0.7
9. I feel prepared to be at home.     0.3 0.6
  1. Extraction method: principal components analysis