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Table 4 Problems with care and adverse events at time 1 (T1) and 2 (T2)

From: Validation of the Partners at Care Transitions Measure (PACT-M): assessing the quality and safety of care transitions for older people in the UK

  T1 (%) T2 (%)
1. Have you had any sores that won’t heal? 4 9
2. Have you had any infections? 14 19
3. Have you had a fall? 8 8
4. Have you had any difficulty getting an appointment with a doctor or other healthcare person? 11 19
5. Have you had any problems with your medication? 15 9
6. Have you had any problems getting essential healthcare supplies (like pads or prescribed feed)? 1 3
7. Have you had any additional problems that led to contacting the GP (not routine) or anyone else, or go to the hospital or emergency services? 25 33