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Table 1 Themes and codes applied to the qualitative thematic analysis in NVivo12

From: ‘There is no such thing as getting sick justly or unjustly’ – a qualitative study of clinicians’ beliefs on the relevance of personal responsibility as a basis for health prioritisation

Theme label Question asked to attribute code Possible codes
Conceptualisation Level of conceptual abstraction Does personal health responsibility refer to (i) substantial properties of the individual or (ii) is it framed as a general principle guiding policy? (i) Criterion
(ii) Principle
Temporality Is the action- event relationship in the attribution of personal health responsibility directed (i) forwards or (ii) backwards in time? (i) Prospective
(ii) Retrospective
Normative justificatory arguments Which normative arguments are used to justify personal health responsibility attributions? Efficiency-oriented
Application Objections to responsibility Which arguments are used to oppose personal health responsibility attributions? Avoidability