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Table 7 Association between procurement efficiency and variables that affect procurement prices

From: How well does Malaysia achieve value for money in public sector purchasing of medicines? Evidence from medicines procurement prices from 2010 to 2014

 Model 7AModel 7B
Coefficient (Standard error)Coefficient (Standard error)
Procurement type
 APPL (reference group)
  National tender0.121(0.213)−0.164(0.223)
  Direct purchase0.397(0.141)**0.180(0.152)
Source and category
  Local generic (reference group)    
  Imported originator  0.712(0.205)***
  Imported generic  0.422(0.136)**
Route of administration
 Oral preparation (reference group)
  Injectable drugs−0.370(0.160)*− 0.415(0.158)**
  Other preparations−0.661(0.199)***−0.680(0.210)***
Total quantity (‘000,000 DDDs)−0.009(0.003)**−0.007(0.002)**
Total expenditure (‘000,000 MYR)0.036(0.017)*0.029(0.015)
 2010 (reference group)
Adjusted R-squared0.096 0.159 
Number of observations1265 1265 
  1. Dependent variable is the log of price ratio of MOH product procurement price relative to MSH IRP
  2. * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01; *** P < 0.001