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Table 2 Utilization of DHIMS2 Data in Decision-Making

From: Utilization of the national cluster of district health information system for health service decision-making at the district, sub-district and community levels in selected districts of the Brong Ahafo region in Ghana

Organizing decision meetings and having an action plan
 (N = 12)(N = 10)(N = 29)(N = 38)(N = 89)
Managerial meetings12100.010100.02482.82155.36775.3
Meetings are routine12100.010100.02379.32052.66573.0
Meeting held in last 3 months12100.0990.02379.32155.36573.0
Discussions on DHIMS2 information in meetings held within the last three months
 (N = 12)(N = 9)(N = 23)(N = 21)(N = 65)
Data management issues1083.39100.01669.621100.05686.2
Findings from DHIMS2 data1083.3555.61460.9419.03350.8
Action-oriented decisions from DHIMS2 data findings1191.69100.01460.9523.83960.0
Follow-ups from previous decisions1191.6777.81460.9523.83756.9
Referrals of issues for action758.3666.7730.4523.82538.5
Decisions for actions based on DHIMS2 information within the last three months
 (N = 12)(N = 9)(N = 23)(N = 21)(N = 65)
Performance recognition and role/responsibility revision650.0777.81356.5523.83147.7
Shifting/mobilization of resources541.7555.61043.5419.02436.9
Advocacy for more resources541.7777.81252.2523.82944.6
Formation/revision of policies/strategies433.3888.91043.5523.82739.1
DHIMS2 usage & promotion activities within the last three months
 District directorateDistrict HospitalSub-DistrictCommunity FacilitiesAllFacilities
 (N = 12)(N = 9)(N = 23)(N = 21)(N = 65)
Issued directives to encourage usage of DHIMS2 data758.3777.8834.8838.13046.2
Publishing example of DHIMS2 data usage433.3444.4313.0314.31421.5
Feedback on actions based on DHIMS2650.0666.71043.51047.63249.2