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Table 3 the operations and charges of PIVAS

From: Construction situation, costs and charges associated with pharmacy intravenous admixture services: multi-center cross-sectional survey based on 137 medical institutions in mainland China

Variable Percentage (n/total)/Mean ± SD
PIVAS charge standardYes52.6% (72/137)
No47.4% (65/137)
PIVAS profit and loss situationProfit7.3% (10/137)
Loss70.1% (96/137)
Balance22.6% (31/137)
The degree of recognition of the doctorsVery disagree0% (0/137)
Less agree4.4% (6/137)
General agree31.4% (43/137)
Slightly agree46.0% (63/137)
Very agree18.2% (25/137)
The degree of recognition of the nursesVery disagree0% (0/137)
Less agree3.6% (5/137)
General agree9.5% (13/137)
Slightly agree47.4% (65/137)
Very agree39.4% (54/137)
The labor results of PIVAS are reflected in the performance of the hospital level?Not reflected48.2% (66/137)
General37.2% (51/137)
Reflected14.6% (20/137)